By: ClutchGuam

It’s gritty. It’s hard-nosed. It’s “no blood, no foul.” It’s basketball in the south.


Basketball down south has always been a strong part of its sports culture. It’s a reflection of the difficulties and struggles that come along with growing up. Basketball in the southern part of Guam has this identity. It’s an identity that you can see in players, and it carries over from generation to generation.


Many players down south grow up in their village courts, having little to no access to the finer things the sport may offer. But it’s that very nature of those courts that instills the toughness, swag and competitive nature amongst its players. 


Basketball is making major moves on the island. Players are getting better training, leagues and competition opportunities are expanding and the rise of our men’s national team is making noise on the world stage. Somewhere along the way basketball down south has temporarily lost its identity, and has for the most part, remained quiet for the past few years. 


But all of that is now changing, and changing quickly. Players are making big names for themselves, bringing that southern style of play along with them. There are three young and upcoming players in particular. Meet EJ, Josiah and Xander