The JFK Islanders make crazy run to win the GBC preseason title

The game was full of emotion. Players jawing at players. Fans jawing at fans. Players jawing at fans. But in the end, the JFK Islanders come out of the loser’s bracket to take it all.


GBC hosted the first ever JV preseason basketball tournament, and it set the stage for high school basketball’s welcome back party. 


You ever see a player walk into the gym and you just know he or she can hoop? I mean, those kind of guys with that swag, the persona of an alpha player. Well yeah, that’s not the JFK Islander’s JV squad. You watch them warmup and its easy pass them up because they don’t score high on the “look test.” 


Coming in to the tournament, I had my sights set on OHS, SPCS and FD. To my surprise, they clawed their way out of the loser’s bracket to win it all in thrilling fashion. So, here’s how their tournament played out (double elimination format):


Game 1: 47-40 win against GW behind Karl Vinca’s 18 pts. • Advance to winner’s bracket

Game 2: 44-48 loss to Okkodo • drop to loser’s bracket

Game 3: 52-33 win against Simon Sanchez, again lead by Vinca’s 13 pts • tourney hopes still alive

Game 4: 46-44 win against FD behind Kirsten Guzman’s 20 pts • confidence rises

Game 5: 51-36 rematch win against Okkodo lead by Vinco and Guzman w/ 12 pts each • believes they’re going to win it all.

Game 6(championship): 41-39 win against St. Paul • everyone chipped in • JV champs 


Look out for them this season!