By: ClutchGuam

Dunks, ally-oops from a base-line play, and pinned shots on the backboard... I’m not talking about a mixtape from Ball Is Life or a nation-wide craze for Zion Williamson, I’m talking about the FD Friars. 


Let’s be honest, most hoop fans out here get excited when we see a “double hand tap board” in a game. To see a team with multiple high flyers is something basketball fans have been waiting to witness…even if you’re not a fan of FD, you have to appreciate this kind of basketball. It’s special to watch. When you have a gym hyped off of a warmup-layup line, you know you have something special going. 


How good are the Friars right now? Let me share some numbers from their performance this past GSPN pre-season tournament. In their five games played, they have blown teams out by an average of 42.4 points, even against power-house schools Okkodo (23-point win) and JFK (30-point win). Their most competitive matchup was JFK, in which they were only up two points at half. 


Their front-line is BIG. And I mean BIG BIG. It all starts and ends with the league’s most dominant big-man (in my opinion) Matt Fegurgur. The 6’8 senior has improved his game over the summer, knocking down midrange jumpers, threes, blocking every shot in his path and catching bodies in mid-air while dunking. 


They are the deepest team in the league. FD’s coaching staff has done a good job experimenting with different line-ups throughout the tournament. One thing was evident, whoever was put out on the floor played at a high-level. Players on the second and third string would start on most other squads. In each of their first five preseason games there has been a different leading scorer. 


Game 1 V. ND: Matt Fegurgur, 10 pts.

Game 2 V. OHS: Christian Leon Guerrero, 10 pts.

Game 3 V. Guam High: Elijah Garrido, 17 pts.

Game 4 V. Tiyan: Daryl Robles, 13 pts.

Game 5 V. JFK: Isaiah Pelkey, 23 pts.




Hoop fans will be entertained this year!