The Islanders take out the defending champs in a comeback dub

By: Clutch Guam 1/8/20

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If you’re familiar with the local basketball scene, then you know about St. Pauls. Going to three straight IIAAG championship games, and winning two. Or how about the FD Friars? It’s hard to pass them by with 6’8 senior Matt Fegurgur storming the court. A school with a storied tradition of basketball success spanning decades, their reputation has and will always be that of a powerhouse.


And then there’s the JFK Islanders. Under the radar for the most part, a team with no big names (now they do) and a modest basketball following. It’s easy to forget that they once dominated high school basketball in the early 2000’s with JP Cruz and company. Let’s not forget to recap their JV team clawing their way out of the loser’s bracket in the GBC Pre-season Tournament to win it all against St. Pauls.


After following them at the GSPN pre-season tournament, and pulling off an impressive comeback win against the St. Paul Warriors in pool play, you can’t ignore their potential going into the 2020 season. They are one the most versatile teams in the league. Their guard play and outside shooting has been a huge problem for teams.


Here are my three biggest takeaways from the JFK Islanders:



1. Rodson Simina

It’s his first year playing high school hoops. He’s a senior and has translated his competitive nature from street ball to the high school basketball scene. His ability to spread the court with his outside shooting allows for his team to penetrate defenses more efficiently. Rodman is a flat out scorer. He is crafty around the basket, makes plays in the open court and is a knock-down three-point marksman.



2. Jeremiah Kintoki

I’ve had a chance to watch Jeremiah play his sophomore year. Playing behind Jerry Ngiraremiang, his role was clear: knock down threes and defend the perimeter. Now in his junior season, it’s evident that he has stepped into a leadership role and he is becoming more confident every game. Jeremiah has expanded his skill-set. He drops crazy dimes in traffic, creating easy shots for him teammates. He is the league’s best three-point shooter in my opinion, and he has proven to make big plays in crunch-time.



3. Rey Serafico

Rey Serafico is one of the most modest coaches you will ever meet. Rey is the last coach to win back-to-back titles during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. One of the toughest jobs of coaches is to get players to buy in to the system, the program and the success of the team over oneself. He has shown repeatedly that his ability to prepare teams, and get them to compete on a high level on a nightly basis, is one of the best in high school basketball.


Keep a close eye on JFK this season. They just may surprise you.